About Scott Smorra - The Artist

Who is Scott Smorra?

I'm an Oregon based photographer/artist who creates finely crafted landscape and nature photography in wilderness areas throughout the world. I specialize in selling several different types of fine art prints and photography instruction.

Why Does Scott Create Art?

Photography provides me with a medium to expressively communicate my feelings about experiences in the wilderness. Sometimes I find words are inadequate to describe these emotions, but photography provides a way for me to effectively express myself. My goal is to convey a feeling of peaceful calm through my photographs and to make the viewer feel some of that positive energy. I am passionate about creating large fine art prints of my photography and I am always excited when someone connects with my artistic vision and considers hanging a print on their wall.

Scott hiking in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile. Photo credit: Rick Laverty
Scott hiking in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile. Photo credit: Rick Laverty


The wilderness has been a source of inspiration for me since I was a child. When I was young, I spent time exploring the wildlands of Arizona and Canada with my Dad and Uncle and during those adventures, I developed a profound appreciation for the wilderness. I realized its importance as a place to recharge and clear the mind from all the distractions of modern life. As I grew older, my love of the wilderness flourished and I spent much of my free time hiking, backpacking, climbing and snowshoeing. I would often bring a point and shoot camera along on these journeys, so I could share the photos with friends and family when I returned home. I really enjoyed photographing nature, but quickly became frustrated by the disconnect between what the camera captured versus what I experienced in the wilderness. In 2009, I decided to improve my photography and realized the best way to do this was to start learning landscape photography techniques and to upgrade my equipment to a digital SLR camera and lenses. After many years of practice, I learned the key elements of composition and how to use camera field techniques and processing methods to give my images depth and 3 dimensionality. I also learned how to read the weather and the light to determine the best times to photograph my subjects. After obtaining these skills, I noticed I could finally use my photography to communicate the emotions I experienced while traveling through the wilderness.

Each one of my images represents my own creative interpretation of a memorable experience in the wilderness. The places and subjects in my images are all real, but I choose not to represent them in a documentary/photojournalistic style. I am drawn to the beauty, emotions and moods of nature and my goal is to expressively communicate my feelings about these experiences. I seek to establish meaningful connections with the places and subjects I photograph and aspire to show the viewer why these places are important to me and why they are worth preserving for future generations. I feel my most successful images are the ones that represent something beyond the obvious and are able to communicate a message to the viewer without using any words or explanation. I enjoy photography immensely and often find myself in a state of "flow" when creating in the field or developing images. The flow state is a desirable position for creatives where they are fully engaged and immersed in their work and time often seems to just melt away. To learn more about my creative approach to photography, please see my article titled "Photography Student Questions and Answers."

I believe the best way to experience my artwork is through viewing a fine art TruLife® acrylic, ChromaLuxe metal or fine art paper print. Since 2009, I have been dedicated to bringing the wilderness experience to the homes of families and collectors through my fine art prints. Although my online images are beautiful, there is simply no comparison to a fine art print hanging on the wall. In today’s fast-paced digital world, there is something special about slowing down and exploring the details of a large fine art print.

To demonstrate my commitment to preserving wild lands, I am a member of One Tree Planted and also donate a minimum of 1% of the proceeds from print sales to wilderness conservation organizations. The wilderness has enriched my life immensely, so I feel it is only fair to give back to the places I love so much. I believe the human species has a vital connection to the wilderness and the health and future of the planet is dependent on access to wild places. I am also a member of One Tree Planted, North American Nature Photography Association and the Nature First Photography Alliance and practice Leave No Trace principles while photographing in the field.

Thanks so much for visiting my website! I truly appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me and browse through the online galleries. Hopefully, when you view my photography you feel like you are stepping out into the wilderness on your own adventure! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Scott Smorra backpacking in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile. Photo credit: Rick Laverty
Scott Smorra backpacking in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile. Photo credit: Rick Laverty

Awards, Publications & Presentations


    • Publication: Oregon Wild Magazine, Winter/Spring 2024, Volume 51, Number 1. "After the Storm"




    • Group gallery show at Providence Portland Community Gallery, Portland, Oregon
    • Guest on the "We Talk Photo" Podcast with Jack Graham and John Pedersen
    • Member of Nikon Professional Services (NPS)


    • Speaker/Presentation - 90 minute Zoom presentation titled, "The Art and Science of Landscape Photography" presented to the Forest Grove Camera Club and Film Pack Camera Club - Vancouver, WA





    • Runner Up, Wildands Category - 2016 Oregon Wild Photo Contest - "Light My Way"
    • Print Exhibition - 14 framed fine art prints on display at Clark's Bistro and Pub in Hillsboro, Oregon.
    • Top 100 Image, NANPA's Showcase 2016 Competition - "Frigid"



    • Publication - Oregon Wild Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Vol 41, No. 2 - "Morning Reflections" and "Luminance"
    • Finalist - Pushing Reality Photography Exhibition at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, Oregon. "Oregon Countryside", "Rowena Sunrise" and "Winter's Warmth"




    • Winner, Wildands Category - 2011 Oregon Wild Photo Contest - "Alvord Desert Sunrise"
    • Publication - Oregon Wild Magazine Winter/Spring 2011 Vol 38, No. 1 - "Alpenglow, Mt Hood"


    Scott Smorra photographing the Canadian Rockies in Winter. Photo credit: Jordan Ek
    Scott Smorra photographing the Canadian Rockies in Winter. Photo credit: Jordan Ek

    Updated: January 5, 2024