Tree Photography | Fine Art Prints For Sale

A collection of limited edition tree photography for sale by Scott Smorra. These fine art tree prints will bring the elegant beauty of nature to your home or office.

Did you know spending time in forests can have positive effects on your physiological and psychological health? Japan was one of the first countries to make this connection and in the 1980's people there began to practice shinrin-yoku which literally translates to "forest bathing" or "taking in the forest atmosphere." Several recent peer reviewed research studies suggest spending time in the forest can reduce concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, and decrease stress/burnout. Viewing large photographic prints of forest and tree scenes may create similar benefits for those who are unable to make it to the forest.

Trees and forests are some of my favorite photographic subjects. I really enjoy how every tree is unique and seems to have it's own personality. There are many trees I've gotten to know over the years and each time I visit them, it feels like I'm meeting up with an old friend.

The process of purchasing artwork through my website has been streamlined and simplified for your convenience. After you find the perfect photograph for your home or business, click the add to cart icon and select a print option. Payments can be made securely with a credit card or PayPal. When payment has been received, the print will enter production and it will be shipped to you as soon as it's ready.