Image Licensing Services | Photo Usage Rights for Print and Digital Use

Have you been searching online for images to use in your latest project? Before you right-click save a photo you found on the web, there are a few important things to know about image licensing. In this concise blog article, I will provide an overview of image licensing and explain how I license my own images for both print and digital applications.

Image licensing / photo usage rights can be broken down into three main types:

  • Creative Commons Licensing: a license granted by a copyright owner which allows anyone to use, edit and build upon the work for free
  • Royalty-Free Licensing: a copyright license in which the user has the right to use the image with few restrictions based on a one-time payment to the licensor
  • Rights-Managed Licensing: a copyright license which allows the buyer a one time use of an image within the terms specified by the license

After evaluating each license type, I ultimately decided to offer my images under a rights-managed model using either non-exclusive or exclusive agreements. All of the images found in my online galleries are available for licensing. I license my images directly, so I am able to keep fees comparable to or lower than the rates typically found on third party stock agency websites.

My images are all copyrighted, so please contact me to obtain a license before using a photo in your project. Prices vary depending on where/how the image will be used and for how long. To help me prepare a quote, I will need the following information: where the image will be used, how the image will be used, and the duration of image use.

I have licensed my images for a variety of uses including; book covers, large signs, calendars and puzzles. Here are a few examples of how my images were creatively used in various projects.

Magazine Advertisement Licensing

"Awakening" licensed by Cowlitz County Tourism for a magazine advertisement

Book Cover Licensing

"Frigid" licensed by author Dwight Holing for the cover of the book titled, "The Pity Heart"

Advertisement Licensing

"Awakening" licensed by Visit St Helens for a 60"x60" backlit sign at Portland International Airport

Please contact me if you are interested in a quote for image licensing. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Updated: January 9, 2023

A snow capped Mt Hood reflected on the surface of Trillium Lake, Oregon at sunrise on a peaceful summer morning.
Trillium Lake Sunrise

Bring the beauty of Mt Hood and the Oregon Cascade Range to your home or office with this fine art print from Scott Smorra Photography. A snow capped Mt Hood reflected on the surface of Trillium Lake, Oregon at sunrise on a peaceful summer morning. The reflections at Trillium lake can be amazing when the surface the the lake is completely smooth at sunrise. A few minutes after the sun rises, the air over the lake starts moving and the mirror like reflections are gone. Trillium Lake is the largest mountain lake around Mt Hood and in my opinion is the most beautiful. In the summer, the lake is a popular destination for photography, camping, swimming, fishing, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding. During the winter it is a great place for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. If you ever have the opportunity to travel to the Mt Hood area near Government Camp, it's definitely worth stopping by Trillium. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50 - ©2016 by Scott Smorra