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The Thunder Room

The Thunder Room

What would you do if Hrafnabjargafoss disappeared? I just found out the National Power Company of Iceland is planning to build a dam on the Skjálfandafljót River in Northern Iceland. The Skjálfandafljót River is home to several stunning waterfalls including; Aldeyjarfoss, Ingvararfoss, Hrafnabjargafoss and Goðafoss. The new Hrafnabjörg Power Plant and dam would divert water away from a long stretch of the river downstream and would lead to the loss of several waterfalls. There are currently 3 different options on the table for the dam. For option A, Aldeyjarfoss, Ingvararfoss, Hrafnabjargafoss would all dry up and disappear and for options B and C Ingvararfoss, Hrafnabjargafoss would be gone. Having seen these waterfalls in person, I feel it would be an incredible loss if they were to vanish. I do understand the need for energy, but it seems like there are better places than this area to build a dam. What do you think?

Early evening light at Hrafnabjargafoss in northeast Iceland. This waterfall has some serious power and it was quite an experience standing near the edge.

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