Hawaii and Lava - ScottSmorra
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A lone figure observes lava pouring directly into the ocean at the "Fire hose" ocean entry on the Kilauea 61G Lava Flow at Kalapana ocean entry on the Kilauea 61G Lava Flow at Kalapana. On December 31st, 2016, the ocean entry of the Kilauea 61G lava flow changed dramatically when a 26-acre lava bench suddenly collapsed into the ocean. The bench collapse led to the creation of the “fire hose” where lava plunged directly into the ocean and created an enormous amount of steam. While I was photographing the “fire hose” in March of 2017, a very brave man walked up to get a closer look at the lava. Luckily, I was all set up and ready to capture critical moment when the man stopped at the edge of the cliff. Today the "fire hose” no longer exists and a new lava bench is forming at this spot. I feel fortunate to have witnessed this amazing scene in person before it changed forever! These explosions are called littoral hydrovolcanic explosions and occur when 2000 degree F lava comes in contact with 75 degree F seawater.

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