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Scott Smorra is an Oregon based photographer who creates finely crafted landscape and nature imagery in the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. His goal is not to merely document nature in a photo journalistic style, but rather to capture the beauty, emotions and moods of nature. He views photography as an artistic medium and uses a variety of techniques during image capture and post processing to help achieve his personal vision for each image. He hopes when you view his images, you feel some of the emotions he experiences while traveling through the wilderness. Scott believes the best way to experience his artwork is by viewing a fine art print. Although his online images are delightful, there is simply no comparison to a fine art print hanging on the wall. In today’s fast-paced digital world, there is something special about slowing down and exploring the details of a large fine art print. Scott currently uses Nikon digital SLR and mirrorless cameras and a variety of Nikkor lenses.


Awards, Honors & Publications


-Selected as one of "15 Inspiring Landscape Photographers" on PetaPixel, Medium and DIY Photography


-Book Cover: "The Pity Heart" by Dwight Holing.  Image used on the cover is "Frigid" from the Alvord Desert of Oregon

-Selected as one of  "13 Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018" on Capture Landscapes


-Highly Honored (Top 10 Image) 2017 Winland Smith Rice Awards, Nature's Best Photography Magazine - "Veratrum and Wildflowers"

-Top 100 Image,  NANPA's Showcase 2017 Competition - "Alvord Desert Sunrise" Veratrum and Wildflowers.  Top 250 Image "Last Light"  

-Editor's Choice, World Class Landscape Photographers - "Courage" & "Rupture"


-Runner Up, Wildands Category - 2016 Oregon Wild Photo Contest - "Light My Way"

-Print Exhibition July/August - 14 framed fine art prints on display at Clark's Bistro and Pub in Hillsboro, Oregon.

-NANPA's Showcase 2016 Competition Top 100 Image - "Frigid"  The image is also featured in the NANPA Membership Promotional Video.


-Editor's Choice - - "Frigid", "Disappearing Act", "Stands in Silence"


-Publication - Oregon Wild Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Vol 41, No. 2 - "Morning Reflections" and "Luminance"

-Finalist - Pushing Reality Photography Exhibition at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, Oregon. "Oregon Countryside", "Rowena Sunrise" and "Winter's Warmth"

-Gallery of the Month - Nature Photographers Network

-Winner - Photo of the Day Contest - "Awakening"

-Photo of the Week - Nature Photographers Network - "Maple Medley, "Winter's Warmth II"


-Runner Up - 2013 Oregon Wild Photo Contest - "Luminance", "Morning Reflections"

-"Luminance" and "Morning Reflections" were featured on KATUs AM Northwest program in a segment titled, "How to Photograph Mother Nature"

-Winner - Nature Photographers Network Pacific Northwest Fall Photography Contest - "Fire Tree"

-Photo of the Month - Nature Photographers Network - "The Photographer"

-Photo of the Week - Nature Photographers Network - "In the Hills", "Oregon Countryside"

-2nd Honorable Mention - Nature Photographers Network Editors Pick Awards - "Morning View"


-Winner - Nature Photographers Network Pacific Northwest Summer Photography Contest - "Celestial Existence"

-Publication - Oregon Wild Magazine Winter/Spring 2012 Vol 39, No. 1 - "Alvord Desert Sunrise"


-Winner, Wildands Category - 2011 Oregon Wild Photo Contest - "Alvord Desert Sunrise"

-Publication - Oregon Wild Magazine Winter/Spring 2011 Vol 38, No. 1 - "Alpenglow, Mt Hood"

-Winner - Photo of the Day Contest - "Alvord Desert Sunrise", "Stands in Silence"

-Editors Choice - - "Stands in Silence"


-Honorable Mention, Wildlands Category - 2010 Oregon Wild Photo Contest - "Veratrum and Wildflowers"

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